15 Top Christian Cartoons Kids Will Adore

Kids find immense joy in cartoons. It must be recognized that even religious children are still children. Nothing captures their hearts and minds quite like on-screen animation. This powerful engagement means the cartoons they watch will likely leave a lasting impression. That’s why Christian cartoons for kids with positive, faith-based messages are so crucial for today’s youth.

Best Biblical Cartoons

Finding wholesome, entertaining content for children can be a challenge in today’s media landscape. As parents, we want to ensure that the shows our kids watch not only captivate their attention but also instill positive values and teachings. Christian cartoons offer a wonderful solution, combining fun and engaging storytelling with important lessons from the Bible.

In this list, we’ve gathered 15 top Christian cartoons that kids will adore. These shows are designed to entertain and educate, providing children with relatable characters, exciting adventures, and meaningful messages about faith, kindness, and love. Whether you’re looking for a way to introduce biblical stories or simply want to reinforce the values you’re teaching at home, these cartoons are perfect for young viewers. Let’s dive in and explore these fantastic options that your children are sure to love!


1. Veggietales

VeggieTales videos skillfully transform important biblical stories and principles into engaging and relatable tales for children. One notable film in the series tells the story of Jonah and features the memorable Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. These delightful characters embark on hilarious and heartfelt adventures that bring to life the lessons from the Bible in a way that kids can easily understand and enjoy.

Each VeggieTales video concludes with a relevant Bible verse and a discussion on how the story ties back to God’s Word. This reinforces the spiritual lesson in a way that makes it memorable for young viewers. And, of course, no VeggieTales episode would be complete without the humorous and delightful “Silly Songs with Larry,” which is a hit with children (and even some adults!). These catchy and funny songs provide a light-hearted break and are often the highlight of the show for many viewers.

VeggieTales brings the timeless stories of the Bible to life through charming vegetable characters like Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. This beloved series not only entertains but also instills important Christian values, making it a treasured watch for parents and children alike. The vivid animation, memorable characters, and engaging storytelling make learning about the Bible fun and impactful.

For convenience, you can stream VeggieTales on platforms like PureFlix, Minno, and RightNowMedia Kids. For those who want to take these delightful stories with them wherever they go, the VeggieTales 25th Anniversary 10-Movie DVD collection is available on Amazon. This collection includes some of the most loved episodes and is a great addition to any family’s movie library.

2. Dora’s Adventures

Dora is the beloved cartoon hero—a compassionate and determined seven-year-old Latina girl. Alongside her cousin Diego, her faithful monkey friend Boots, a talking map, and a magical backpack, Dora sets off on wonderful adventures. At the beginning of each story, Dora cheerfully exclaims, “Let’s go!” as she leads her companions in finding a lost treasure or rescuing an animal in distress.

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3. Superbook

Teaching young ones about faith can be a rewarding yet challenging task. That’s where Superbook steps in—a beloved Christian animated show that beautifully introduces Bible stories to young viewers. Superbook follows the adventures of Chris, his friend Joy, and their robot Gizmo as they are transported back in time to witness and participate in events from the Bible.

Each episode of Superbook presents a different biblical story, bringing to life the characters and events in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. The show combines high-quality animation with accurate biblical storytelling, ensuring that children not only enjoy the episodes but also learn about their faith.

Superbook covers a wide range of biblical events, from the Creation and the stories of the Old Testament to the life and teachings of Jesus. The episodes highlight the moral and spiritual lessons of these stories, teaching children about God’s love, faith, courage, and redemption. The interactive website and apps associated with Superbook also provide additional resources for kids to explore and learn more about the Bible in a fun and engaging way.

Superbook is available to stream on platforms like PureFlix and RightNowMedia Kids, making it accessible for families looking to integrate faith-based content into their children’s viewing habits. By watching Superbook, children can embark on an educational journey through the Bible, gaining a deeper understanding of their faith and the stories that shape it.

4. Pilgrim’s Progress

The Pilgrim’s Progress movie is not just entertainment, it is a perfect example of the Christian journey. It concerns both children and adults. The film is based on real events, it is the story of the spiritual adventures of John Bunyan.

Why You’ll Love This Film:

  • Faith and Redemption: This is a proof and testimony of the power of faith and redemption. The story is very much in tune with traditional Christian values.
  • Engaging Animation: Kids will be enthralled by the lively animation, while adults will appreciate the rich storytelling and spiritual lessons.
  • Timeless Tale: This movie remains true to the original message of Bunyan’s work, ensuring that its spiritual and moral lessons are faithfully preserved.

15 Top Christian Cartoons Kids Will Adore

5. Bugtime Adventures

History can sometimes be a challenging subject for kids to grasp, but Bugtime Adventures makes it engaging by bringing the past to life through the eyes of charming bugs! Set in the heart of Biblical times, these little critters find themselves entwined in the retellings of profound Biblical stories. Imagine witnessing three bugs navigating their way out of the belly of a whale! Each episode introduces young viewers to significant events and characters from the Bible, presenting them in a fun and relatable way. Kids can see the stories unfold from a unique perspective, making ancient tales feel fresh and exciting. The adorable bug characters, with their adventurous spirits and humorous antics, capture children’s imaginations while imparting important lessons about faith, bravery, and God’s love. Bugtime Adventures not only entertains but also educates, helping children understand and remember key Biblical stories and their messages.

6. Friends and Heroes

In this heartwarming series, captivating storytelling and exceptional animation bring Biblical stories to life. Friends and Heroes is perfect for children of any age, and you’ll love that your entire family is learning essential lessons about courage, faith, hope, and much more. Each episode follows the adventures of Macky and Portia, two friends living in the ancient Roman Empire. They encounter various challenges and learn from the Biblical stories they hear.

These entertaining tales explore profound themes such as the pitfalls of false heroes, the importance of listening to God, and how virtuous acts lead to joyful outcomes. The show seamlessly blends historical fiction with Biblical lessons, creating a rich tapestry of adventure and moral teaching. Parents can feel confident that their children are watching something that not only captures their interest but also instills valuable Christian virtues. Friends and Heroes is a great way to bring the family together for meaningful discussions and shared learning experiences.

7. Joseph: King Of Dreams

Just two years after the release of  The Prince of Egypt, DreamWorks gifted us with another animated masterpiece, Joseph: King of Dreams. This film stays true to the Biblical story of Joseph, showcasing top-notch animation and a heartfelt narrative. The story follows Joseph, a young man blessed with the ability to interpret dreams, who faces immense challenges after being sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Despite his hardships, Joseph’s faith in God never wavers, leading to his rise as a powerful figure in Egypt. The film beautifully portrays themes of forgiveness, faith, and perseverance. The vibrant animation and emotive music bring the story to life, making it both visually and emotionally engaging for viewers of all ages. Joseph: King of Dreams is a touching reminder of the power of faith and the importance of trusting in God’s plan, making it a valuable addition to any family’s movie collection.

8. The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible

Prepare to be inspired as we present the grand finale of The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible. This epic series uniquely blends adventure with profound biblical history, breathing new life into the timeless tales from Scripture. Each episode follows the adventures of three modern-day explorers—Derek, Margo, and their friend Moki—who travel back in time to witness and participate in significant biblical events. From the Creation and the Exodus to the life of Jesus and the early Church, this series covers a wide range of biblical stories with incredible accuracy and depth. The characters’ journey not only provides entertainment but also deepens viewers’ understanding of the Bible’s teachings. With beautifully animated scenes and compelling storytelling, The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible serves as an excellent resource for families looking to enrich their children’s knowledge of Scripture in an engaging and memorable way.

9. 3-2-1 Penguins

Join two kids, Jason and Michelle, and four quirky penguins—Zidgel, Midgel, Fidgel, and Kevin—as they explore space and learn valuable Bible-based lessons and values along the way in 3-2-1 Penguins. Each episode is a delightful blend of fun and faith, making it a perfect choice for Christian families seeking enriching entertainment. The adventures take the group to various planets, where they encounter unique challenges that can only be solved with teamwork, courage, and faith. The show’s humorous and creative approach captivates young audiences, while the underlying messages instill important Christian values such as kindness, honesty, and forgiveness. Parents will appreciate the thoughtful content that encourages children to apply biblical principles in their everyday lives. With its vibrant animation and engaging storylines, 3-2-1 Penguins offers a wonderful balance of entertainment and spiritual education.

Where to Watch:
PureFlix: Stream all episodes and enjoy a wide variety of faith-filled content.
Minno: Another fantastic streaming option for wholesome, educational shows tailored for children.
RightNowMedia Kids: Access 3-2-1 Penguins alongside a variety of other Christian programs.
YouTube: Find full episodes and share the adventures with friends and family.
Amazon: Purchase the 3-2-1 Penguins Complete TV Series DVD for your home collection.

10. Lion Of Judah

Lion of Judah is an animated film that brings the story of Jesus’ crucifixion to life through the perspective of Judah, the sacrificial lamb. Accompanied by his animal friends—a group that includes a pig, a rat, a horse, a cow, and a rooster—they make their way to Jerusalem, experiencing the significant events leading up to the crucifixion. The film masterfully combines humor, adventure, and poignant moments to convey the profound message of Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection. As Judah and his friends navigate the challenges they face, viewers are drawn into the story in a way that is both engaging and deeply moving. The characters’ journey reflects themes of bravery, friendship, and faith, making the story accessible and meaningful for children. Lion of Judah not only entertains but also offers a fresh and impactful way to teach children about the passion of Christ and the significance of Easter. It is a powerful tool for parents and educators seeking to impart the core messages of Christianity to young audiences.

11. The Flying House: A Time-Traveling Christian Anime Show

Get ready to experience an incredible time-traveling adventure with The Flying House. This exceptional Christian anime series beautifully weaves together biblical stories and time-travel escapades, taking viewers on a remarkable journey through faith and history. The show follows the adventures of three children—Justin, Angie, and Corkey—who stumble upon a mysterious house that, with the help of a quirky inventor named Professor Bumble, transforms into a time-traveling vessel. Each episode transports the group to a different period in biblical history, where they witness and participate in significant events from the Old and New Testaments. Through their travels, they learn valuable lessons about faith, courage, and God’s enduring love. The Flying House not only entertains with its imaginative plots and vibrant animation but also educates young viewers about important biblical stories, making it a wonderful tool for spiritual growth and learning.

12. Adventures in Odyssey: A Perfect Blend of Faith and Adventure

In the realm of Christian cartoon shows, Adventures in Odyssey stands out as a beacon of creativity and faith. The series chronicles the thrilling escapades of Dylan, a young boy living in the quaint town of Odyssey. Created by Focus on the Family, this beloved series combines humor, adventure, and moral lessons to engage children in meaningful ways. Each episode takes viewers on a new adventure, from solving mysteries to exploring the wonders of Whit’s End, an ice cream shop and discovery emporium run by the wise and kind Mr. Whitaker. Along the way, Dylan and his friends learn important lessons about honesty, kindness, and trust in God. The show’s rich storytelling and relatable characters make it a favorite among families, providing entertainment that also nurtures spiritual development. Adventures in Odyssey is not just a show; it’s an immersive experience that encourages children to live out their faith in everyday life.

13. Inspector Gadget: A Higher Purpose in a Fun and Action-Packed Series

Inspector Gadget is the world’s first bionic police detective. Guided by a higher purpose and equipped with an array of incredible gadgets, he is always ready to fight evil and protect the innocent. With the unwavering support of his niece Penny and loyal dog Brain, Inspector Gadget consistently brings wrongdoers to justice. Their teamwork and faith in what is right help them overcome every challenge. Though not explicitly a Christian cartoon, the show’s themes of justice, perseverance, and doing good align with Christian values. Inspector Gadget’s humorous yet thrilling adventures captivate young audiences while subtly reinforcing the importance of integrity and bravery. Penny and Brain play crucial roles in ensuring the success of their missions, demonstrating the power of cooperation and the strength found in family bonds. The series’ blend of action, comedy, and moral undertones makes it a timeless favorite, inspiring kids to stand up for what is right and believe in the power of good over evil.

14. Sea Kids

Freddy, David, Melissa, and their friends find themselves navigating the rough waters of peer pressure, temptation, fear, forgiving others, listening to parents, dealing with bullies, lack of self-esteem, and so much more. Children can relate to these adorable characters and their problematic situations. Each action-packed, beautifully animated episode, shows the characters praying to Jesus, asking Him for guidance and wisdom.

15. Davey and Goliath

Journey back with us to rediscover a beloved treasure—Davey and Goliath. While it may be considered old-school by some, this delightful Christian cartoon has an enduring appeal that transcends time.

With its captivating clay animation and deeply meaningful storylines, Davey and Goliath deliver timeless biblical wisdom in a manner that speaks to all generations.


Cartoons are what a child will think about, and will start to repeat the actions of animated characters. It is better to use this knowledge to your advantage and offer children useful cartoons that will cultivate Christian virtues in them and even cultivate trust in God. The cartoons listed will help children develop good habits, reflect on God and what he has created around us all.

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